Sit in the Edit Suite with Editor Brian Kates, ACE

Now you can have the exclusive experience of learning directly from an Emmy-winning editor. In this class, Brian will demonstrate his proven techniques, strategies, organization, and problem-solving.


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Additional learning materials include pdf's, a podcast with Brian and Director John Cameron Mitchell, and further class footage from the cutting room floor.

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Meet The Instructor

Brian A. Kates, ACE, is a two-time Emmy-winning editor, who's feature credits include "The Laramie Project," "Tarnation," "The Woodsman," John Cameron Mitchell's "Shortbus," and Lee Daniel's "The Butler." His television work includes HBO's "Treme," and the pilot for the hit show "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

Learn From This Mentor

Corey Frost, Editor

Filmmaker U has tons of amazing interviews with editors, and filmmakers! I also personally took their paid course featuring Editor Brian Kates, ACE, and it was amazingly taught. Honestly, a bargain at $99!

Course Breakdown


Chapter 1 - The Beginning

  • Meet Your Instructor (2:45)
  • Before the Editing Begins (8:02) - Audit this video
  • The Editor and The Script (1:44)
  • Working with Others (4:33)
  • Communication with the Director (2:01)
  • Understanding the Director's Vision (4:09)
  • Initial Discussions with the Director (2:26)

Chapter 2 - The Edit Begins

  • The Editing Process Begins (11:44) - Audit this video
  • Assessing the Rushes (1:31)
  • Finding the Moment (7:32)
  • Screenings (2:38)

Chapter 3 - The Nitty Gritty

  • Character Development in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (9:33)
  • Character Development in The Woodsman (13:11)
  • Subtle Shot Choices (3:19)
  • Scripted Vs. Doing It In Post (7:38)
  • Tone (8:59)
  • Finding the Structure (15:13)

Chapter 4 - The Editor and Music

  • Music Choices (4:59)
  • Working with Music (3:40)
  • Temp Love (1:55)
  • Editing Multicam Music Sequences (8:59)
  • Equipment Set Up (2:27)



Chapter 5 - Over the Editor's Shoulder

  • Editing a Scene Part 1 (32:20) - Audit this video
  • Editing a Scene Part 2 (26:11)

Chapter 6 - Working the Footage

  • Controlling Tension (10:25)
  • Creating Empathy for the Character (7:32)
  • Patterns and Editing (2:56)

Chapter 7 - The Editor and VFX

  • Dealing with VFX (8:26)
  • Managing Expectations (1:54)

Chapter 8 - Fixes, Changes, and Notes

  • Directing Pick Ups (2:18)
  • When the Story Isn't Working (3:28)
  • Fixes (4:23)
  • Dealing with Notes (4:35)
  • Letting Go (2:06)

Chapter 9 - In The End

  • Wrapping Up (1:32)

Appendix A - The Cutting Room Floor

  • See What's Been Left on the Cutting Room Floor

Appendix B - Extras

  • From Fade Up to Fade Down Podcast
  • The Lined Script (1:59)
  • Editing Glossary 


$99 USD

Brian Kates, ACE, has mastered pacing, timing, and storytelling and is editor for "Marvelous Mrs. "Maisel," "Shortbus," and Lee Daniels' "The Butler."  Brian won two Emmy's one for his work on the Pilot for" Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and the other for his work on Ross Katz's "Taking Chance." In this series, he focuses on techniques, ideas, and working with others to help you master editing.

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