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Our instructors are Oscar, Emmy BAFTA Award winners and more - experts at the height of their careers with years of experience and insights to share.  Filmmaker U goes deep inside their creative process, revealing the artistic and practical strategies behind the most iconic films of our time.

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In an industry that is increasingly isolated, our courses give you the feeling of being in the room with the artists you respect and admire most.

The Secret Ingredient

Educators with over 20 years of experience collaborate with each expert to craft an individualized learning experience - a custom curriculum to translate their unique profession into clear, teachable ideas!

Extra Features to Elevate and Educate

Every course comes with additional content like documents that break down creative ideas and technical elements, videos that explain key concepts, and actual footage from the cutting room floor.

A Few Of Our Instructors' Credits


"The content is important enough to be relevant to everyone from directors to location sound recordists, foley artists, and music composers....even documentary and corporate video can benefit."

Simon Wyndham
Editor in Chief, RedShark News

"Eric shares a potent mix of both artistic colour grading craft knowledge and post-production business savvy which makes the training so effective."

Jonny Elwyn

"Pleasantly surprised by this one from the colorist of Mad Max Fury Road, Eric Whipp. It's like sitting in the grading room and listening to the guy talking to you about his techniques. And his Day for Night technique is really effective."

Pierre Breton

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