Go behind the scenes with Mad Max: Fury Road Colorist Eric Whipp

Now you can have the experience of learning from Eric, learn proven techniques, strategies, organization, and problem-solving straight from Eric Whipp's color suite.


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Additional learning materials include PDFs, a podcast with Eric and, fellow Colorist, Wade Odlum, educational videos on Color Grading aesthetics, and further class footage from the cutting room floor.

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Meet The Instructor

Eric Whipp was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and raised in Australia.  He became a colorist in the 1990s and helped George Miller with his Oscar-winning film, "Happy Feet."  Today he is a Co-Founder and Senior Colorist at Alter Ego in Toronto, Canada. He reunited with George Miller for the ground-breaking film "Mad Max: Fury Road."  He most recently finished "The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part."

Learn From This Mentor

Simon Wyndham

The content is important enough to be relevant to everyone from directors to location sound recordists, foley artists, and music composers....even documentary and corporate video can benefit.

Read the full review here

Jonny Elwyn

Eric shares a potent mix of both artistic colour grading craft knowledge and post-production business savvy which makes the training so effective.

Read the full review here

Pierre Breton

Pleasantly surprised by this one from the colorist of "Mad Max: Fury Road," Eric Whipp. It's like sitting in the grading room and listening to the guy talking to you about his techniques. And his Day for Night technique is really effective.

Jason Bowdach, CSI

I found Eric's course informative, succinct, and very well produced. I highly recommend it, especially if you're looking to learn more about the craft of color, not just the software

Dado Valentic, Color Scientist

This is genuinely the closest you get to watching senior colorist at work but without actually being physically there.

Sam Donald

Eric’s class covers all the aspects I was hoping for – coloring for mood and tone; bringing out the best in your footage; serving the story etc. – all in a way that is enjoyable as well as eye opening. And using real-world examples from his impressive professional career made it all the better.

If you’re a beginner looking specifically for step-by-step learning on your software of choice you won’t get that from Eric’s class. Eric never talks about any software, keeping things very universal, with skills that can be applied using any platform.

Course Breakdown


Chapter 1 - The Beginning

  • Meet Your Instructor (3:00)
  • Before You Start a Project (2:48)
  • On Set Vs. In Post (3:49)
  • Communication (5:38)
  • Disagreements in the Color Suite (2:34)
  • Working as a Team (2:47)
  • Imposter Syndrome (1:56)

Chapter 2 - The Colorist as a Storyteller

  • Color as a Storytelling Tool (2:06)
  • Finding a Look That Supports the Story (2:41)
  • Looks, Sublooks, and Telling a Story (2:25)
  • Creating a Color Arc (5:01) - Audit this video

Chapter 3 - The Nitty Gritty

  • Color & Genre (2:12)
  • Color & Theory (5:01)
  • Using Scopes (4:33) - Audit this video

Chapter 4 - Tricks and Techniques

  • The Fresh Eyes Trick (2:34)
  • Keeping the Image Real with Exaggerated Colors (5:49)
  • Movement in the Shot (11:53)
  • Context and the Scene (2:02)
  • Film Vs. Digital (4:04)
  • Understanding Light and Positioning (2:37)
  • Matching Cameras (2:58)
  • Matching Shots (7:40)



Chapter 5 - A Deep Dive

  • The Base Grade (9:44)
  • Sky Replacement (5:27) - Audit this video
  • Day for Night (12:54)
  • A Storm's Coming (3:15)
  • VFX & Color (5:44)

Chapter 6 - In the End

  • What's Next? (2:23)

Appendix A - The Cutting Room Floor

  • LUT Love (2:36)
  • The Script (0:39)
  • Bring in the Colorist Early (0:54)
  • Dealing with Disagreements (1:23)
  • Black & White Films (0:54)
  • Genre Mash-Ups (2:57)
  • Can You Create Snow Out of a Desert? (2:49)

Appendix B - Extras

  • Fade Up to Fade Down - A Discussion Between Colleagues
  • Color Theory PDF
  • Color Mixing PDF
  • Understanding the Vectorscope
  • Understanding the RGB Parade
  • Understanding the Y-Waveform
  • Color Harmony
  • Color Illusions
  • Color Glossary


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Go behind the scenes with "Mad Max: Fury Road" Colorist Eric Whipp.  The art of apprenticeship has changed since the evolution of digital color grading.  In the past, knowledge was passed down from master to apprentice when a colorist shared their room with their assistants.  Now you can have that experience, learn proven techniques, strategies, organization, and problem-solving straight from the color room with Eric Whipp.  Get unparalleled insight on some of the greatest films of all time, first hand from the colorist who graded them.
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