Color Grading For Efficiency with "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" Colorist Eric Whipp

In our new advanced course with Colorist Eric Whipp, he guides you through the film grading process by color grading a short film with you. Eric demonstrates how to establish a base grade, addressing overexposed shots and white balance for consistency. He adjusts exposure, contrast, tonality, and color to ensure scene continuity. For flashbacks, Eric employs a stylized approach with scene toning, aiming for a cohesive sunset feel and emotional impact. He focuses on lighting, mood, detail refinement, and collaborates with the director and DP.


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Meet The Instructor

For over three decades, Eric has worked as a colorist on notable films and commercials. He worked on the 2007 Academy Award-winning "Happy Feet" but most would easily recognize him for his work on "Mad Max; Fury Road". Currently, he is a Senior Colorist at Alter Ego, Toronto and just recently completed the highly anticipated film "Furiosa.: A Mad Max Saga."

Learn From This Mentor

Course Breakdown


Chapter 1

  • First Pass: Getting a Base Grade PT 1 (28 Min)
  • First Pass: Getting a Base Grade PT 2¬†(9 Min)


Chapter 2 

  • Shaping¬†(22 Min)


Chapter 3 

  • Luts (25 Min)



Chapter 4 

  • Softening¬†(8 Min)


Chapter 5 

  • Final Tweaks¬†(3 Min)


Appendix A - Extras

  • Creating a Colorful Post-Apocalyptic World in "Mad Max: Fury Road"¬†(3 Min)

  • Visual Storytelling through Color with "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2 Min)

  • ¬†Credits (PDF)


$59 USD

 Join Eric Whipp in our advanced course to master film color grading, focusing on base grades, consistency, stylized toning, lighting, mood, and detail refinement for emotional impact, collaborating with directors and DPs.

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