Filmmaker U Interview Series Hits 100th Episode Showcasing Film & TV Professionals

Nov 10, 2021


Filmmaker U, the online education series that brings the best in the industry to aspiring and working film & TV professionals, announced today that they have eclipsed 100 episodes for its weekly interview series. Each week Filmmaker U speaks with top industry experts in cinematography, directing, producing, editing, color, sound, music composition, and visual FX about their craft for broadcast on its facebook and YouTube channels.  

Guests have included award-winning Cinematographers Ellen Kuras, ASC (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) and Mihai Malamaire, Jr. (“The Harder They Fall”); Editors Dylan Tichenor, ACE (“There Will Be Blood”) and Kelley Dixon, ACE (“Better Call Saul”), Visual FX Supervisor Rob Legato, ASC (“Hugo”), Colorist Stephen Nakamura (“Prometheus”), and many other legends that have shared their invaluable knowledge and experience working on set and in the edit bay.

Reaching this milestone, Filmmaker U co-founder, Jason Banke remarked, “We are thrilled to have had conversations with over 100 of the industry’s most notable creative professionals, learning from each of them about what they do and how they do it. One of the exciting aspects of this series is the ability to discuss topics and go deep on areas that most other outlets rarely talk about. We look forward to our next 100 episodes and appreciate all our viewers for joining us on this journey.”

All Filmmaker U broadcasts are Powered by OWC and supported by our partners Sight, Sound & Story, ProductionHUB, Manhattan Edit Workshop, Digital Cinema Society, and LAPPG.



About Filmmaker U

Filmmaker U is a collaboration of educators and innovators Josh Apter & Jason Banke of Manhattan Edit Workshop and Gordon Burkell at This online seminar series was created to give aspiring and existing filmmakers unprecedented access to the lost art of apprenticeship in the film industry. Our instructors are acclaimed and award-winning artists who are the best filmmakers in the business.   For more information please visit


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