Filmmaker U Announces New Class on Documentary Cinematography with Acclaimed Filmmaker Kirsten Johnson, ASC

Jul 18, 2023

 Filmmaker U (, the online education series that brings the best in the industry to aspiring filmmakers releases Documentary Cinematography course with acclaimed Filmmaker Kirsten Johnson, ASC.

Kirsten Johnson, ASC, is one of the most respected documentary cinematographers in the industry. In this course, Kirsten shares her wealth of knowledge about documentary cinematography and directing, from the basics of camera operating to the art of visual storytelling. She also discusses the challenges and rewards of working in the field of non- fiction and offers advice for both aspiring and veteran filmmakers.

With her candid and insightful teaching, Kirsten Johnson gives us a rare glimpse into the mind of a master filmmaker. This is a must-see course for anyone interested in documentary filmmaking.


For $99 the “Learn Documentary Cinematography with Kirsten Johnson, ASC” course includes:

  • 18 video lessons in each course (over 5 hours)
  • Exclusive audio and video content in the Appendix section (over 4 hours)
  • Glossary of industry terms
  • Unlimited access to the class for multiple viewings
  • Accessible from any device

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About Kirsten Johnson, ASC

Kirsten Johnson has worked as a cinematographer on numerous Academy-nominated and award-winning documentaries. Films such as "Citizen Four," "Fahrenheit 9/11," and "The Invisible War," just to name a few of her DP projects. Her directorial debut "Cameraperson" was short-listed for the Oscars, and her recent feature documentary "Dick Johnson is Dead," got rave reviews at its Sundance premiere leading to it being released on Netflix.


About Filmmaker U

Filmmaker U is a collaboration of educators and innovators Josh Apter & Jason Banke of Manhattan Edit Workshop, Gordon Burkell at and filmmaker/professor Jamie Hitchings. This online seminar series was created to give aspiring and existing filmmakers unprecedented access to the lost art of apprenticeship in the film industry. Our instructors are acclaimed and award-winning artists who are the best filmmakers in the business. 


For more information, please visit or contact Jason Banke at [email protected]

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