Netflix's The Crown's Assistant Editor Siân Fever discusses her approach

May 27, 2020



During the COVID 19 quarantine, we, at Filmmaker U, decided to launch a weekly live chat series.  This series will bring in experts from the industry to discuss their work and to answer people's questions. To take part in upcoming events, join us on Facebook Live or Youtube Live Fridays at 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST.

 The Crown

Netflix’s The Crown focuses on the life of Queen Elizabeth, each season covering a new era in her reign. One of the key features of The Crown is the well-structured drama molded in the editing room.

Siân Fever was one of the assistants that helped bring this award-winning series to the screen. In this live discussion, Siân answered questions including how to tackle projects remotely during COVID-19, keeping yourself organized, and the importance of strong working relationships. 


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