The Ultimate (and growing) list of Free Film Stuff

Jan 28, 2020



Students and Independent filmmakers are always in need of low cost/no-cost opportunities. So we here at Filmmaker U decided to put together the ultimate list of free resources for filmmakers. Including Free Sound FX, Free Music, Free Special Effects, Free Plugins, Free Stock Footage, and Free Images.

This list of free resources is a live list, so if you see a free resource missing, please add a comment below!

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Last updated September 24, 20201

Free SFX

Free SFX But With A Hitch

Royalty-Free Music

Free Music But With A Hitch

Free VFX

Free VFX But With A Hitch


Free Motion Graphics

Free Motion Graphics But With A Hitch

Free LUTS | Free Looks (Color)

Free LUTs But With A Hitch

Short Stories to License

Free Plug-Ins

Free Stock Footage

Free Stock Footage But With A Hitch

Misc. Free NLE’s, DAW's, Tools and More


If you know of something we're missing, let us know in the comments below!


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