Meet the Emmy-nominated Editors of "A Black Lady Sketch Show

Aug 25, 2021

Recently Filmmaker U was able to speak with the Emmy-nominated Editors of "A Black Lady Sketch Show."  Editors Daysha Broadway, Jessica Hernández, and Stephanie Filo talk about their experience editing this comedic improvised hit show on HBO.

Daysha Broadway is a film & television Editor who has over 10 years experience working professionally in documentary, scripted, and unscripted television. A Los Angeles native, Daysha...

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Ron Moore & The Creation of "For All ManKind"

Dec 02, 2020


In this interview, Filmmaker U is joined by For All Mankind creator and showrunner Ronald Moore and his go-to editor Michael O'Halloran. Ronald and Michael's team efforts include Battlestar Galactica, Outlander, Star Trek, and of course, the new Apple+ TV series For All Man Kind.

The discussion focuses on authenticity in historical specific fiction, show running and developing a relationship that lasts...
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