Meet the Emmy-nominated Editor Melissa McCoy, ACE and Emmy-winning Editor AJ Catoline, ACE, of "Ted Lasso"!

Sep 17, 2021

Last month we spoke with  Emmy-nominated Editor Melissa McCoy, ACE, and Emmy-winning Editor A.J. Catoline, ACE of the smash hit "Ted Lasso."   Go behind the scenes with these super talented editors!

Melissa McCoy, ACE, first fell in love with filmmaking, and editing specifically, while a student at Western Michigan University. She then made her way to California and earned a Master’s in Editing from Chapman...

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Ron Moore & The Creation of "For All ManKind"

Dec 03, 2020


In this interview, Filmmaker U is joined by For All Mankind creator and showrunner Ronald Moore and his go-to editor Michael O'Halloran. Ronald and Michael's team efforts include Battlestar Galactica, Outlander, Star Trek, and of course, the new Apple+ TV series For All Man Kind.

The discussion focuses on authenticity in historical specific fiction, show running and developing a relationship that lasts...
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