Academy Award-winning Sound Designer of "Hugo" Eugene Gearty Talks Sound in Film

Jun 18, 2021


Oscar-winning sound designer Eugene Gearty, joined Filmmaker U to discuss staying focused during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting the job you want, and to answer our questions about the world of Sound in film.  If you want to learn more directly from Eugene on his processes, his insights and his vast amount of experiences; check out our online class with Eugene here.

Starting in 1982 Eugene Gearty was one of the first digital...

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Sound Design Begins With You!

Jul 16, 2019



Posted with permission of

Click here to learn sound design from Oscar-Winning Designer Eugene Gearty, MPSE

Written by Michael Cardillo |

Some people say I am a sound designer. But am I? Really? Do I bring my sound expertise to each step of the creative process? Unfortunately, more often than not, I am brought in at the end of a video project to “do my thing” after all...

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The Films That Influenced a Sound Design Master

Jun 25, 2019



There are a lot of things that go into mastering a craft. Hours of practice, mastery of your tools, numerous mistakes to learn from, and years of experience that pushes you to become a better craftsperson. You also need to explore and learn from your colleagues work to see how others have tackled something differently than you might have approached it, so you can be influenced and intellectually challenged.

We sat down during a...

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