The Films That Inspired a Master Editor

Jul 03, 2019



Becoming the best editor requires work, knowledge of your tools, experience dealing with others, and hours upon hours of editing. It also requires knowledge of film history, techniques, and tricks, and necessitates having a cinephile knowledge of films. Brian Kates, ACE, Emmy award-winning editor for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and go-to editor for renowned filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell sat down with us during a break in...

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The Films That Influenced a Sound Design Master

Jun 25, 2019



There are a lot of things that go into mastering a craft. Hours of practice, mastery of your tools, numerous mistakes to learn from, and years of experience that pushes you to become a better craftsperson. You also need to explore and learn from your colleagues work to see how others have tackled something differently than you might have approached it, so you can be influenced and intellectually challenged.

We sat down during a...

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4 Films Every Colorist Should See

Jun 10, 2019



Mad Max: Fury Road is continuously referred to as a stunningly beautiful film. John Seale, the cinematographer, was nominated for an Oscar and colorists everywhere were looking at Eric Whipp’s work on the film as a triumph for color correction.  With so many people looking to Eric’s work as a colorist for inspiration, we decided to ask him what films he feels every colorist must see. 

After we filmed his...

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